Stories of Kalachuchi

Beach Resort on the bewitched island of Siquijor

“Elegant. Charming. Stay here to make your trip special.”

We had a great stay at Kalachuchi. That was the last day of our Siquijor tour, after exploring the towns of San Juan, Lazi, and Maria. Right when we walked in, the manager greeted us. I was surprised that our name was on the welcome board, something that seldom happens during my check-ins. AMBIANCE First thing I loved about the resort was the design. You know right away that it's first class. The restaurant was on the second floor of a beautifully architected guest house which provides a nice view of the pool and the beach. The dominance of mahogany wood in vivid brown color gave so much elegance to the feel. ROOM Even the room is impeccable, both in and out. Modern fixtures, big space, good design and ventilation. The bath and toilet was also lovely. The choice of material, from cloth to furniture was smart. I can't say anything bad about the room. It was so perfect I wanted to take one unit home! LOCATION Other guests may not like the location because it's not "where the action is" which is San Juan. On the good side, this location is just perfect for those who want someplace quiet and close with nature. POOL The swimming pool was perfect for our night swim. I wish we had longer time to swim the next day to try the beach too, but we packed up early to catch the ferry back to Cebu. The pool is wide, good for bonding time with the family and friends. (Marcel shared they'll have a bar by the pool soon.) FOOD We liked the pork in mango-curry. We had some chicken soup, too, which was very tasty. The buttered vegetable would have tasted well if it weren't overcooked. Then for dessert, we ordered three scoops of ice cream. It was a perfect dinner. I think the serving size was big for two, we actually overate. Breakfast was OK. I liked it that they have fresh milk and that creamy omelette. Mickoi, however, did not like the soggy French toast. Nevertheless, it was still impressive. SERVICE The managers, Marcel and Jess, had a chitchat with us, and that made us feel home. They also helped us get a tricycle to take us to the ferry. The staff, Francis and Marifel, were also approachable. They smiled a lot and made sure we had everything we need. There was some power interruption at night, but the resort has a generator, so no issues. PRICE The room was a little pricey, but you wont feel robbed anyway. With the comfort and service they give, you know that it's all worth it. Yeah, I think we could have saved had we picked another resort, but the experience won't be that special. Our stay at Kalachuchi was one of the best experience we had traveling around the Philippines. I definitely would recommend it to anyone. Stayed August 2016, traveled with friends