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Beach Resort on the bewitched island of Siquijor
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“Let’s have fun.” 

Rolf is a highly imaginative, creative, loyal, sympathetic and persuasive kind of managing partner and father of a teenage boy and a spirited toddler.

rolf_kalachuchi_pose-minHe enjoys to socialise, which also makes him a great host. One of his greatest abilities is to make others feel good about themselves and his respect for his friends (be it old or new friends).

His intuitive nature makes him very compassionate, but sometimes it’s impossible to understand him. With his strong intuition, the power of observation and intelligence, Rolf had great success of finding the perfect spot to build Kalachuchi’s villas on.

Rolf enjoys life to the full while taking a mouthful of beer or a steak and listening to Pink Floyd at full level.

Favorite Place in Siquijor: Kalachuchi Beach Resort.

rolf_kalachuchi_marcel-min rolf_kalachuchi_kids-minrolf_kalachuchi_landi-min


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  1. Hallo

    Habe gerade eure neue Homepage entdeckt, einfach super gemacht, viel persönlicher und damit deutlich besser als vorher. Weiterhin viel Erfolg, freue mich schon auf nächstes Jahr!!
    Euer Freund Bernd

    PS. Underberg ist schon eingepackt

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