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“If plan A didn’t work, stay cool. The alphabet has 25 more letters.” 

Odessa, that’s me, writing the blog for Kalachuchi Beach Resort, after receiving the informations from Meriel and Jessica.

I am one of the managing partners, the reservations manager and the grown up daughter of Marcel.

While at Kalachuchi I would describe myself as experimental in the kitchen and bar (most probably driving our cooks and waitresses crazy with my new ideas). I try to be compassionate at work, artistic in everything I do and gentle in social treatment of the people whom I work with and Kalachuchi’s visitors.

Not only do I get my inspiration in the restaurant of Kalachuchi, but also in the garden, the craft area in the garage and while going for a swim.

I am a serious yet happy person, who listens to anykind of music, but Bob Marley gives me the absolute great childhood memories at the beach. My absolute favorite dish in the Philippines is simple and delicious, being a fried fish with plain rice and “toyo-mansi” (Soyasacue with a splash of fresh calamansi juice).

Favorite Place in Siquijor: Kalachuchi Beach Resort.

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