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Beach Resort on the bewitched island of Siquijor
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“Simplicity is Beauty.” 

Marjel has been with Kalachuchi Beach Resort since the villas needed a personal female touch before the opening. She has since then proven her dedication and loyalty towards her tasks as a housekeeper and helper at the restaurant. Marjel does not only make the garden bloom at Kalachuchi Beach Resort, but also leaves guests delighted.

She is a passionate and assertive mother of a growing boy. Who has a great capacity for kindness and is full of surprises, who will give you everything you need.

To uplift her spirit, Marjel surrounds herself with the music of Celine Dion, a company of witty and fun loving people, cooking for her family and indulging in a sweet treat.

Favorite Place in Siquijor: Sandugan, Larena.

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