Stories of Kalachuchi

Beach Resort on the bewitched island of Siquijor
Get to know our awesome team


 “Just enjoy life.”

Marcel is a resourceful, brave and passionate, but also stubborn managing partner and father of a grown daughter. He has been and still is very dedicated to what he does to make Kalachuchi Beach Resort an exclusive recreation address on the island of Siquijor. While he is idea-driven, he is also a very very precise craftsman and so projects take longer to be realised then initially planed.

Although he likes to tease and express his disappointment aloud, Marcel is calm and cool when instructing his team members, while teaching them any of his know-how. In any case, he can be a true longtime friend to anyone.

He gets inspired by the sea as a swimmer and a diver, or while listening to Pink Floyd, eating a well-spiced thai curry and having a good shot of tequila.

Favorite Place in Siquijor: Kalachuchi Beach Resort.


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