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Beach Resort on the bewitched island of Siquijor
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“Every morning is a good sign for a new beginning.”


Before Kalachuchi Beach Resort was even born, Junjun has already been a part of it. From the construction and completion of the buildings and surroundings, to taking care of Kalachuchi’s animals (such as cows, goats and chicken). His know-how entitles him to work as an allrounder i.e. caretaker at Kalachuchi Beach Resort.

Junjun is a father of 3 beautiful daughters and 1 handsome little boy. He is very peaceful, gentle, fair-minded and loves to socialise. He fancies to do so while watching a cockfight, preparing a lechon for a fiesta, toasting with a shot of emperador or joining a Sing-Along while chanting to his favorite Elton John song.

Favorite Place in Siquijor: Kalachuchi Beach Resort.

 junjun_kalachuchi_goat2-min junjun_kalachuchi_goat-min

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