About us

Humble beginnings

The 3 of us

One fateful morning after a long, demanding roadtrip from Oriental Mindoro to Negros Oriental, we looked at a charming picture of an enchanting island with crystal clear blue waters and were instantly mesmerized.

The overwhelming sentiment, was the feeling of wanting to be there, on this (as we were told) bewitched island.

Once on the island, the satisfaction was so big, noone wanted to ever leave again. And the idea of settling down on the island of Siquijor, also known as “Isla del Fuego/Island of Fire“, was born.

After a long run of finding the right location, having all titles registered legally, starting the construction site and finally seeing our visions taking shape, Kalachuchi Beach Resort was up and running; 7 years after we first set foot on Siquijor Island.

Our ambition

It started with a simple idea & our intention remains the same

  • Create a high-quality, well designed environment where we wanted to stay in ourselves
  • Present a place to relax and unwind to those in need
  • Provide enough space to ensure privacy
  • Live in close touch with nature
  • Avoid the busy island scene
  • Work closely with locals

Spreading the word

Instead of investing a lot of money in paid advertisements, we simply rely on word-of-mouth from people who really appreciate Kalachuchi Beach Resort and can’t wait to tell their friends about us. With the help of the internet and social media the reach is becoming global.

We know, we’re doubtless not the best choice for certain types of clientele – and we’re 100% fine with that. But for those who acknowledge our aspiration; we will be happy to accommodate you. Have a great stay at Kalachuchi Beach Resort!